Photo booth templates are your biggest waste of time.

Photo Booth Studio is the easiest way for anybody to personalize their own photo booth templates. Your customers would rather do it themselves anyway.

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A woman wasting time on the phone with her customer discussing the photo booth template she is designing

Simple choices let anybody personalize a great design

Nobody likes to start with a blank canvas. Whether your customer is organizing a wedding or a holiday party, they can finish a design with a few simple choices.

Great designs every time

No two designs are alike, but that doesn't mean you need enough control to make something ugly.

Simple choices

Great photo booth graphic designers agonize over complex choices. But anybody can pick and personalize a design they already love.

Beautiful presets

Starting a design is easier than deciding what to wear today. Easy enough to do on your phone before you get out of bed.

Looks great
Easy to use
Try it yourself!
A confused customer wondering what to put on her blank photo booth graphic design canvas
Yanking email chains where customers describe how they want their photo booth templates personalized

Take back your inbox

Cut down on long email chains with your customers. Send them to your own white-labeled Photo Booth Studio to create their photo booth graphics, themselves. If they have any questions, we will be there to help via chat on the bottom right corner of every page.

We handle support
Easy to sign up
Easy to use
Your customers never pay us a dime

Who we are.

We love 💖 photo booth templates

Ross Andrews


I own and operate a successful photo booth business in the Bay Area, so I understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed; spending enormous amounts of time on graphic design for your customers. I partnered with David because I needed this for my own company. I had over 260 events last year and I saved hundreds of hours on design work and spent that time growing my business instead.

David Mazza


As a software consultant and designer, I sympathize with anyone that has to juggle multiple customers at once. I love using software that takes busy work off my plate so that I can focus on the work that matters to my customers. That's why I was excited to partner with Ross to build Photo Booth Studio. I'm inspired by anyone who dares to build a company. I'm thrilled to help you save time and scale up.

You're in great company.

See why these photo booth vendors signed up

Sam Gonzalez

Designing for clients became my business' greatest bottleneck. But thanks to Photo Booth Studio I was able to eliminate it altogether and focus more on sales.

Sam Gonzalez — Owner of Glamour Photo Booths
Jacob Dawson

Stop trading your time for money! This service is extremely easy to use and insanely cost effective. I have been able to take on so many more events now that I don't waste all my time on graphic design.

Jacob Dawson — Owner of iPhoto Booth
Carrie Tyson

FINALLY! My headaches from constant emails about photo booth graphic design revisions are over! If you are a growing photo booth company I cannot stress enough how useful this software is!

Carrie Tyson — Owner of Snapshot Photo Booth


Will Photo Booth Studio work with my desktop software?

You can setup any photo booth desktop software package to work with Photo Booth Studio designs. We give you the pixel dimensions of the photo boxes.

Will Photo Booth Studio work with our printers?

Photo Booth Studio designs can be exported in both of the industry standard dimensions. We will have more specifics when we launch.

When can I sign up?

We don't have any launch dates to announce yet. If you join the waitlist now, we will invite you to try an early preview of our new version when we are ready.

Is the original version of Photo Booth Studio still available?

No. Earlier this year we announced that we would phase out the original version. This gave us time to completely rethink the software without being distracted by maintaining the old version.